Apartment for rent in Lugansk

You can rent an apartment in Lugansk on our website: izba.lg.ua.

We can propose to you beautiful and cozy apartments with unique interiors.

We went away from the usual stereotyped vision of a city apartment. And now it's so easy to dissociate yourself from the bustle of the big city and such in one moment be replaced in a lovely quiet wooden house. And in a few minutes you are sitting near the fireplace - like in the Alpine chalet somewhere in the mountains .....

Wooden materials and natural stone, fireplace, decor elements - all this things create a unique atmosphere and give a spirit of
holiday .

Huge wooden double bed (king-size), high quality silk bedding will provide you good night and healthy sleep .

Fireplace - always was such as the center and the heart of the house. Undoubtedly flickering flames and smoldering embers
evoke a romantic mood.

Large LCD TV (39" diagonal) (with activated cable television package - broadcast more than 70 channels in high quality) - will not let you be bored.

Nowadays it's not possible to imagine our life
without internet. It's our e-mail, news, social networks and a lot of other necessary information. Therefore, there is free high speed internet access Wi-Fi in our flats.

Air conditioner makes comfortable temperature for you feel good.

The kitchen is equipped with all necessary items. So, you have the possibility to prepare your favorite dishes and to organize a " snack " at any time of the day or night.

Refrigerator, microwave, gas-stove and electric kettle are also in the kitchen.

You can order food from a restaurant using the service home delivery. Comfortable atmosphere and privacy instead of noise and crowded restaurant environment. And for esthetics table appointments - there are set of dishes, cutlery and glasses for different drinks in our flats.

For those who smoke:

It will be pleasant for you to stay in an apartment where there is no smell of tobacco smoke. Therefore we equiped a balcony where you can sit on the
comfortable wicker furniture with a cup of coffee. To make it safe to go out onto the balcony any time ofday or night and any weather - balcony fully glazed by plastic windows and toned - so, you will see everything that happens on the street, but nobody may see you.


What to choose:

Hotel in Lugansk or rent an apartment in Lugansk?

Rent apartments in Lugansk have a lot of advantages over hotel accommodation in Lugansk. Such as:

  • Privacy residence (noone controls who, with whom and when occupied and which guest was invited)
  • Cozy conditions
  • Completly privacy and comfort
  • Possibility to cook meals by yourself in the equipped kitchen
  • Possibility to rent flat only for some hours - not for the whole night

You can contact us at any time and:

  • book an apartment for one or several nights
  • book an apartment for several hours
  • order transfer from the railway station, bus station or airport
  • discuss an early (or late) сheck-in and check-out
  • get information about the city

Having good time in our cozy apartments, you will want to come back there again!